Secure Data Destruction

    We at Think Recycling, offer our clients the best in industry data sanitization and data destruction services for their decommissioned electronics equipment and e-waste. We understand that for an organization, few things are uncompromising like loss of trade secrets, proprietary information, etc. Digital data stored on media drives may contain confidential data, personal information, financial records, employee records and even copyrighted information. If such data from devices that are marked for recycling and/or disposal falls into the wrong hands, your company could end up paying millions in losses and lawsuits, apart from the negative fall-out on the organization’s reputation. For an organization, the liability doesn’t end until the equipment has been certified to have been disposed in an environment-friendly way. To ensure complete data sanitization and data destruction, one needs an organization that one can trust to clean data from decommissioned equipment, completely and thoroughly. 

    This is what Think Recycling does. Our data Erasure and Destruction services are designed to meet international standards when it comes to data security. By ensuring that all corporate information not just sanitized from the decommissioned equipment, but also informing the client about the process followed by Think Recycling while handling the assets. Clients can track their assets through various stages of the process online right from the pick up by the logistics team to the final disposal of the equipment, enabling us to provide legislative compliance, protection and unmatched service to our clients. Once the data destruction and sanitization process is over, clients will also be provided with a destruction certificate for each asset/drive.

    The services cover any digital data stored on various media like PC hard disks, CD/DVDs, USB drives, memory cards, SD cards, magnetic tape drives, Solid State Disks (SSDs), SIM cards, internal memory of mobile devices and a lot more. We have the highest consideration when it comes to the privacy and security of digital data, whether it is an organization’s data or an individual’s. 

We have strict policies in place for our recycling and refurbishing operations to ensure complete data security for decommissioned equipment/technology. Our stringent data sanitization procedures are in strict conformation with various internationally accepted military-grade data destruction standards, including -

  • DoD Sanitized/US DoD NISPOM - US Department of Defense National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual also known as DoD 5220.22-M.

  • NIST 800-88 - National Institute of Standards & Technology 800-88, guidelines for media sanitization.

  • CSEC ITSG-06 - Communications Security Establishment Canada, IT Security Guidance 06 - pertaining to clearing and declassifying electronic data storage devices.

  • HMG IS5 - British HMG Infosec Standard 5

  • DSD ISM - Defence Signals Directorate Information Security Manual pertaining to risk-managed protection of information and systems as per the Australian Government.

Think Recycling maintains high standards of data sanitization for storage systems and storage devices collected for recycling or refurbishing. We also offer data sanitization and destruction services for both hardware as well as software. Data destruction is carried out depending on the type of media and recycling contractual obligations, through various means including degaussing, physical destruction and usage of data erasure software. Here’s a look at the data sanitization and destruction processes followed by Think Recycling -

Data Wiping - Think Recycling makes use of universally acclaimed data erasure software from Blancco to wipe data from data storage devices and systems.

Degaussing - This process involves erasing data from magnetic media by means of a reverse magnetic field. The reverse magnetic field scrambles the data on the magnetic media, rendering the data unreadable.

Physical Destruction - Total physical destruction of electronic media is carried out by punching or drilling hard drives which render them unreadable. Physical destruction ensures that data from the hard drive is completely irrecoverable.

All of these processes are carried out by Think Recycling in compliance with various internationally accepted military-grade data destruction standards as mentioned above. Once the data sanitization and destruction process has been carried out, only then can the decommissioned assets be forwarded for diagnostics and testing and eventual disposal through recycling.