Asset Refurbishment

     Think Recycling! has set up a huge refurbishing and reconditioning facility with key focus on promoting eco-friendly reuse of electronics by extending their functional life. Our refurbishing operation is one of the largest in the country for IT equipments. Prolonging the useful life of electronics at Think Recycling involves repairing electronics and restoring them to proper working condition so that they can be reused by consumers.

     The process involves Inspection, Refurbishing, Deep Cleaning, Reconditioning, Quality Testing and Packaging, where electronics go through stringent quality checks for identifying defects and are repaired by highly skilled technicians. Our electronics refurbishing operations make use of full-fledged hi-tech refurbishing and repairing equipment.

     IT equipment coming into the facility are sourced from various channels across the country. Each Equipment goes through an inspection process, where they are checked for functional issues and cosmetic flaws. Functional defects and cosmetic condition in the devices are reworked on, upgraded, and restored to full functionality by technicians using latest tools and equipment under Clean Room conditions.  

     Assets having media to store data are sanitized by following International Standards to ensure complete data security. The refurbished products undergo a rigorous quality check process to ensure proper functionality. Once all tests have been passed successfully, the refurbished products are cosmetically enhanced;  stickers are placed (which clearly mentions that the product is a refurbished) and packaged for sale.